pizza week part 4…stracchino&salsiccia topping

In the last days I’ve been posting about pizza recipe.

The dough

pizza margherita

pizza potato & mozzarella

I’ve made those pizza last weekend because my friends asked me for it!…I’ve done different topping and one of those

was “stracchino e salsiccia” …it is very popular in italy and is definitely my favourite.

Stracchino is a kind of fresh and soft cheese, and I have no idea on how you can substiute it….

I wasn’t sure about publish this recipe, ’cause i guess stracchino is not selled outside italy….but then I tought that maybe I’m wrong and maybe you can find some italian grocery shop when they actually sell it (hopefully at a resonable price)

The only ingridients you need are 8 oz stracchino cheese, 1 italian sausage, rosmery.


put the streched dough on the baking pan and spread some extra virgin olive oil all over.

Put in to the oven and take it out after 10 minutes.  Put stracchino chunks all over, sausage, rosmery.

put in to the oven again and let it cook for other 10 minutes.

(the cooking time dependes on your oven maximum temperature, mine goes at 430 and takes 2o minutes in total to cook the pizza)