Noodles in a hurry!

Tests are very close…I’m going to spend the night studing with a friend at my place.

I didn’t want to waste too much time cooking, we wanted some fast food….but homemade.

it came out with a veggie noodle recipe….it tooks just 10 minutes to prepare and 2 minutes to eat…my friend was very satisfied and suggested to put the recipe on the blog…

so here I am!

Bring some water to boil.

Slice 1 gold onion and let it sautè with 1 tbsp of olive oil.

Let caramelized the onions ( once the oil is over into the pan add some brandy and let it evaporates)

Add some frozen pea, frozen chopped carrots…basically add whatever frozen vegetables you have home and you like. I would have prefer green beans, but I didn’t have so I put zucchini

Add some water into the pan and let it cook for 5 minutes

Meanwhile cook the noodle a little less then  pack instruction.

Now  put the noodles into the pan, stir-fry for a couple of minutes and add cumin and soy sauce.


salmon skewers & veggie cous cous

Yesterday I had a couple of friends coming over for dinner and they asked me to eat healthy ’cause they are on diet…

As usual I was in a hurry and this time with no idea of what to cook …While I was at the supermarket I sow a beautifull fillet of salmone and so I decided to go for it! yeah it is a fat fish, but it’s omega3 which is good….

here is the recipe…

1) prepare the marinade:

3 tsb balsamic vinegar, 3 tsb soy sauce, half lemon squeezed, few drops of worcestershire sauce, and mixed aromatics herbs (I have a mix of sauge, rosmery and fennil) be generous with herbs!

2) about 1 hour and half before dinner I have cut salmon into little cubes and put those peaces into the marined .

Once you are ready to prepare dinner …

3) Cook the cous cous according to the packing directions

4) prepare the vegetables: you can use froozen one or cook it yourself….that’s your choise! I use to cook them by myself in big amount and then freeze it. For this recipe I chose Peppers and zucchini

I peeled red peppers helping myself with a potatoes peeler and I have cut it into little pieces (in this way they will take less time to be cooked)

Cut the zucchini into little pieces as well .

Put the vegetables in a sauce pan with a little of oil and a couple of tsb of water and cook until tender. Mix to the cous cous.

5) put the salmon on the skewers and cook on a griddle….be carefull it cooks very fast and doesn’t have to be overcooked!