zucchini soup with cheesy drops

I hate eating alone….but sometimes it happens and it ends up with me eating junk food!

Tonight it’s one of those, but this time I prepared dinner for my self…and I have to say…I was very satysfied 😉

I made a simple zucchini soup.

– Sautèe shallots with e.v. olive oil

– Add a little potato and 2 zucchini  cut into chunks

– cover with vegetables broth

– salt, black pepper .

In the mean time mix together a tbsp of philadelphia cream cheese with 1 tsp of pesto

using two teaspoons set up little “drops”

Once the vegetables are ready, purée it with a blender.

put the soup into the bowl , add the cheesy drops  and some croutons.


broccoli risotto

I was studying when I realized I had only 20 minutes to prepare lunch….

So I’ve made this risotto with broccoli which came out so tasty, healty and easy do to!

Here is the recipe:

first of all you have to bring some water to boil into a saucepan and put in some broccoli cut into lenght

in the mean while chop some shallots and put into a pan with just a little of extravirgin olive oil (1tbsp or so)…cook until the shallots are softened (I use to add a little of water so I can avoid to use too much oil)

now you can add the rice and pan-toast it… add some  white wine and let it evaporate

ok, now you can add a little of the water  where  we were cooking the broccoli….once it evaporates, cover the rice with water as well as the broccoli …

ok, don’t touch it!! let just evaporate the water and when it’s almost done add 1 tbsp of turmeric , black and white pepper and some greated parmesan cheese…it will turn out so creamy…

Buon Appetito 😉