Frittelle di Riso

Carnival has just started! It’s celebrated all around Italy, but there are some places where the tradition is more important and there is a big party every weekend…

Here in Tuscany Viareggio is famous for carnival.

Then there are Venezia and Cento just to mention some of the most important.

…bakeries all over the country are making traditional carnival desserts….which are different in every italian region.

Here in tuscany “frittelle di riso” are very popular…also because they are so delicious and I can’t wait carnival to eat them!


100 gr (3.5 oz) originario rice. I’m not sure, but I think you can use sushi rice instead.

1 oz caster sugar

17 fl oz milk (500 ml)

orange or lemon zest

1 egg

1.7 oz flour (50 gr)

1 tsp baking powder

caster sugar to decorate


cook the rice with the milk , orange zest, sugar

cook until milk is completely absorbed.

Once is cold, wisk in egg , flour, baking powder

Frie the frittelle helping your self with a spoon (oil temperature 175 C°/ 347 C°)

once they are cooked roll each one in caster sugar ( you may also add some cinnamon powder if you like it)



broccoli risotto

I was studying when I realized I had only 20 minutes to prepare lunch….

So I’ve made this risotto with broccoli which came out so tasty, healty and easy do to!

Here is the recipe:

first of all you have to bring some water to boil into a saucepan and put in some broccoli cut into lenght

in the mean while chop some shallots and put into a pan with just a little of extravirgin olive oil (1tbsp or so)…cook until the shallots are softened (I use to add a little of water so I can avoid to use too much oil)

now you can add the rice and pan-toast it… add some  white wine and let it evaporate

ok, now you can add a little of the water  where  we were cooking the broccoli….once it evaporates, cover the rice with water as well as the broccoli …

ok, don’t touch it!! let just evaporate the water and when it’s almost done add 1 tbsp of turmeric , black and white pepper and some greated parmesan cheese…it will turn out so creamy…

Buon Appetito 😉