zucchini soup with cheesy drops

I hate eating alone….but sometimes it happens and it ends up with me eating junk food!

Tonight it’s one of those, but this time I prepared dinner for my self…and I have to say…I was very satysfied 😉

I made a simple zucchini soup.

– Sautèe shallots with e.v. olive oil

– Add a little potato and 2 zucchini  cut into chunks

– cover with vegetables broth

– salt, black pepper .

In the mean time mix together a tbsp of philadelphia cream cheese with 1 tsp of pesto

using two teaspoons set up little “drops”

Once the vegetables are ready, purée it with a blender.

put the soup into the bowl , add the cheesy drops  and some croutons.


Italy meets France…on a crostino

Do you remember when I made pesto yesterday?

Well, it is one of my favourite food, so I left over a little amount to make this incredibly simple and delicious crostino.

All you need is bread, french goat cheese (chèvre) and pesto!

Slice the bread, put into the oven for a couple of minutes, take it out of the oven and spread pesto on it.

Add some cheese (not to much because it has a strong flavor)

Put int the oven again….1 minute…ready!!!

This is a great appetizer to delight your guests or a great anti-stress ….So good to eat while studing 😉


Ok, it’s not summer…. but here is so sunny and warm, it seems like I can smell summer already….

The best way to welcome the sun is preparing home made pesto…it sounds difficult but in truth is  one of the easiest e most delicious thing you can prepare.

The good thing is that you can make  a big amount of pesto and freeze it in little portions ( i use the yogurt container)


fresh basil

1.5 oz parmesan cheese (not grated)

6 tsb extra virgin olive oil

pine nut





the tradition wants to make pesto using mortal and pestel (is that right in english?)

but let’s face the truth….we don’t have too much time ….

So I use an electric blender….it takes less then 1 minute to have homemade fresh pesto!!!

Put everything togheter…. and blend!

Don’t use too much garlic…actually I use only  one tiny slice  which I cut from the clove







There are many ways to eat pesto….today I went for pasta!