salmon skewers & veggie cous cous

Yesterday I had a couple of friends coming over for dinner and they asked me to eat healthy ’cause they are on diet…

As usual I was in a hurry and this time with no idea of what to cook …While I was at the supermarket I sow a beautifull fillet of salmone and so I decided to go for it! yeah it is a fat fish, but it’s omega3 which is good….

here is the recipe…

1) prepare the marinade:

3 tsb balsamic vinegar, 3 tsb soy sauce, half lemon squeezed, few drops of worcestershire sauce, and mixed aromatics herbs (I have a mix of sauge, rosmery and fennil) be generous with herbs!

2) about 1 hour and half before dinner I have cut salmon into little cubes and put those peaces into the marined .

Once you are ready to prepare dinner …

3) Cook the cous cous according to the packing directions

4) prepare the vegetables: you can use froozen one or cook it yourself….that’s your choise! I use to cook them by myself in big amount and then freeze it. For this recipe I chose Peppers and zucchini

I peeled red peppers helping myself with a potatoes peeler and I have cut it into little pieces (in this way they will take less time to be cooked)

Cut the zucchini into little pieces as well .

Put the vegetables in a sauce pan with a little of oil and a couple of tsb of water and cook until tender. Mix to the cous cous.

5) put the salmon on the skewers and cook on a griddle….be carefull it cooks very fast and doesn’t have to be overcooked!