Another Carnival treat….

there are tounds of regional carnival recipe…most of them are deep fried…I don’t like frying….so I didn’t make it.

My Aunt Susy made those wonderful “castagnole” …she is such a great cook!

here is the recipes for you guys…


15 oz flour (oo type)

2.6 oz corn starch

4 oz butter

3.5 oz caster sugar

3 eggs

0.2 oz baking powder


Mix separately th dry and the wet ingridients.

Than mix togheter and knead until smooth

make it rest  for half hour

then form little ball from the dough and deep fry

cover with caster sugar

Pizza Week….potato&mozzarella

Here is another pizza topping, very famous here in Italy.

if you want to know how to make pizza dough click here

When there is no tomato on the topping we use to call it focaccia instead of pizza….so focaccia potato and mozzarella would be more appropriate!.

I’ve made it last weekend and my friends LOVED IT….


While the dough is raising. peel 1 big potato and cut into very thin slices. ( about 1 mm – 0.47 in) and put the slices into boiling water for 4/5 minutes.

Once you have streched the dough from the middle  out by your hands. Sprinkle some flour on a baking pan and put the dough on.

Spread some extravirgin olive oil all over the dough and add the potato you have already prepared.

again put some extravirgin olive oil all over it , salt, black pepper, rosmery.

Put in the oven ( 420 F°) please notice that the fun must be turned off!!

cook for about 20 minutes…or until the bottom is crunchy…

Put the shredded mozzarella all over it just few minutes before taking the pizza off the oven….



eggs and ricotta little pie

Today I opened the fridge and I sow a couple of eggs near expiration date, so I had to figure out some way to cook them…

You can do so many things with eggs, but I choose something different and easy at the same time.

–       whisk  2 eggs with 100g (3.5 oz) of ricotta cheese

–       add 1 tbs of grated romano cheese

–       some persley finely chopped (or the herb you like most)

–       black pepper


Now make sure everything is well blended and put into  muffin cups

Let it cook for 15 minutes or until gold

Oven: 350 F (180 C)


Serve with fresh green salad

Suggestion: make sure your eggs are organic 😉


Buon appetito