Deliciously diet roasted veggies

Hallo everybody.

It’s been a year since I’ve post my last recipe.

Since then a lot of thing have changed in my life. I graduated from a master degree in Clinical Psychology and I’ve got married!!!

Now that I came back from our honeymoon, I can finally get back to food and blog πŸ™‚

Over this year also my attitude on food as changed. I am trying to eat more healthy, and I can’t wait to share my attempt with all of you.

Yesterday I’ve made this delicious veggie casserole, oil free, butter free…. just vegetables!

I’ve just cut the vegetables into chunks and put in a casserole that I’ve covered with parchment paper. I’ve sprinkled mixed herbs, salt and pepper and put into the oven for just 30 minutes + 10 minutes of broiler function. That’s it!


1 red bell pepper

2 zucchini

1 eggplant peeled

10 cherry tomatoes

1 or 2 red onion

fresh chili pepper

1 tblp mixed mediterranean herbs (oregano, rosmery, basil, thyme, majoran)

1 tsp smoked paprika

salt to taste

I am so sorry for the poor picture that I took with my phone, but believe me it was delicious even though no fat was added πŸ™‚

eggplant crostino

I don’t think I mentioned that I’m a graduate student…

Well, in this period i’m really stressed because of the classes, tests, researchers…

The better way to take a break from books is cooking and then eating something simply, fast and not too hard to digest…

I remembered that i had some eggplant grilled leftover and so it came to my mind a good idea for a snack!!

I love fresh bread, but I dont have time to go to the bakery everyday…so I buy it, cut into slices and put into a ziploc and freeze…so everytime I need it, i just put the slices into the toaster ….believe me it stilll tastes good!

So… I defrosted 1 slice of bread, layed 1 slice of turkey breast on it, thenΒ  layed the grilled eggplant on.

I have then cut some parmesan cheese very thiny and put on the top of the crostino. (put the cheese you like most, or the one you have home…)

Now prepare the balsamic vineager sauce:

put about 3 tbsp of balsamic vineager into a sauce pan, bring to boil and add 1 tsp of sugar…mix with a spoon for a couple of minutes…be carefull ’cause it tends to stick up…

ok, now sprinkle the drops of sauce all over it and serve the crostino on a layers of fresh salad….

mmmmmhhhhh so deliciuos πŸ˜‰