cereals and chocolate chunks cookies

I’ve made those cookies a couple of months agò, I just found out I made a Picture of them….but I didn’t remebered the recipe…luckly I wrote it down ( this never happens!) So I’m going to share it with you….because the only thing I remeber is that they were really tasty 😉


Cream togheter:

3. 5 oz ( 100 gr) butter

3.5 oz (100 gr) brown sugar

1 egg

Then add to the cream:

4.5 oz flour

1 pinch of baking soda

3.8 oz (110 gr) of your favourite breakfast cereal

2 oz dark chocolate chunk

mix well, cover the dough with a  plastic wrap and refrigerate for half hour.

Form dough into ball (you can help yourself with a icecream scoop)

Put the balls on a baking paper and press it with you hands….

cook on the oven at 356 F° (180 C°) for about 14 minutes.