Pasta tuna and beans

i’m so busy with studying for exames and preparing my final dissertation that i didn’t had time to go to to supermarket and buy some food!…unfortunately here thare are no wallmart open overnight, so I had to figure out something with the few ingridients I had left in the store room.

It came out with a delicious 10 minutes pasta…

Ingridient and procedures. Serving 2

Bring some water to boil.

In the meantime finely chop together half blond onion, 4 black olive such as kalamata or gaeta, and some parsley.

Put 2 tsp of olive oil in a pan and let sautèe the chopped onions, olives and parsley.

Add 1 can of white beans and mash half of them with a fork.

Add 1 can of tuna, garlic powder and hot chili powder.

while you are cooking pasta bring some of the water from the casserole (a couple of tbp) and put into the pan, the water where pasta is cooking  is rich in starch and that will helps the tuna/beans topping to be more creamy.

Once the pasta is ready put into the pan and stir  in 1.4 oz of cream cheese.


Sorry about the ugly pic….