pasta al forno (pasta in the oven)

Well, this is a classic saturday lunch meal in the south of Italy.

I have to say, this not something I use to cook…but my mom (which still lives in the south)  does it very often, so I asked her to make a pic so I can post the recipe to you!

She was very enthusiast about  having something she made on the internet…even though she barely knows what internet is and of course she does’t speack a single english word…so let me thank her in italian….GRAZIE MAMMA PER LA RICETTA!

here is the recipe!


800 gr (1.7 pound) pasta ….fettucine or pappardelle

500 gr (17 oz) ricotta cheese

500 gr (17 oz) smoked mozzarella

500 gr (17 oz) ground beef

3 kg  ( 6.6 pounds) tomatoes sauce

4 tsp olive oil

white wine

grated parmesan cheese


smoked mozzarella cheese we buy here is fresh and full of milk, it is not dried…so it is heaviest.

If you use dried smoked mozzarella I guess you’ll need less then 17 oz!


1) in a large pan heat the oil and add the beef.

let it stir and then add some wine and let it evaporates.

add the tomatoes puree and let it cook for two hours.

2) Cook pasta a couple of minutes less then pack instructions.

Once is cooked put  in a large bowl and mix a little amount of the beef sauce, and the ricotta. Mix well

3) take a big baking pan and put some sauce on the bottom

Place one layer of pasta across the entire bottom of the bakin

Put the beef sauce on it and sprinkle some greted parmesan, add shredded smoked mozzarella cheese.

cover with another layer of pasta and finish with remaining sauce and grated parmesan

4) put in the oven at 200 C° 390 F° for 20/30 minutes

better if prepared in advance…