Another traditional  carnival recipe!

it comes from my friend Marco’s mom….

Once you start eating one you can’t stop!….They were so delicious I asked him to make a pic and give me the recipe.


16 oz Flour

3.5 oz caster sugar

1.8  fl oz milk

1.8 oz butter

1 tbs orange juice or limoncello

1 egg


oil to fry

confectioner’s Sugar (Icing or powdered Sugar)


Put the flour in a large bowl and make an hole in the middle.

wisk egg and sugar and add to thr middle of the flour together with melted butter, milk, and vanilla.

knead until it turns out smooth.

roll out the dough (about 2 mm; 1/16″)

cut into unregular stripes.

fry and cover with icing sugar



3 thoughts on “CENCI

  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    These look really good — and original! I’ve never seen a sweet treat like cenci before… I’ll have to make some when I get over my fear of hot oil. 🙂

  2. it’s a good fear since fried food is so unhealthy!!!
    I don’t like my house to smells like fried food…I have never fried a thing in here!! I have a deepfryer outside the balcony…but anyway I think I’ve been used it like twice in three years… In fact Cenci were made by my mom’s friend 🙂
    so, you should ask someone to cook it for you !!!

  3. This looks really good, Roberta. I don’t know that much about Italian food, but what I do know, I like very much.
    I have not heard of cenci before. Thank you for treating me to a new treat.


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